Saturday, February 24, 2018

Napoleon in Egypt

Ahhh, Napoleon in Egypt. It seems that this is a persistent butterfly for many war gamers, myself included.

At first glance it seems t have a lot to recommend it. A wide variety of actions, from the smoke-billowing squares of the battle of the Pyramids, to Desaix's colonial campaign against Murad Bey along the upper Nile, to Siege operations and open battles.

Mamluk, British and French forces all offer a variety of colour that is most attractive; the French seem particularly exotic with their various interim uniforms.

So I am taking the plunge myself. Willie French in bicornes versus various "Islamics" that I intend to pilfer from across the whole of the range.

I think that I shall be organising the french in Demi-Brigades of three 16 figure batallions, each with a few command figures. The Demi-Brigade will hold the colour and a mounted officr. This will offer me some scope for conversions to which I am looking forward.

What? That's the same as the "Charge!" organisation?

Well, I never...