Saturday, May 23, 2020

On the workbench - Medievals

Over the past few weeks I have been engaged on a campaign  to clean up my painting table. Just as a break from painting Britains.

Resting, not forgotten

It had gotten pretty bad, bad to the point where all the action was taking place in the only clear part of the desk, a strip abut 5 cm deep and 30 cm wide. Now, this was getting a little unsustainable, so off I went. There have been all sorts going out. A small herd of horses, a couple of knights, one a Crusader:
One, a Crusader
The other a later type in Maximilian armour.
The other

 A Polish winged lancer,
Hammer of the Turks

 French Fusiliers for Napoleon's romp through the Ottoman Empire and a few more figures for the North Western Frontier.

I glow with virtue.

This week though it's been a handful of medieval archers.
I liked how these turned out so much that I started making some hoardings for them:

The palings are sliced up strips of coffee stirrer glued to strips of skewer, although I think I may have had a less fiddly time with more trips of coffee stirrer. The eagle eyed among you may note that they are in the same livery colours as the archers. The idea here is to ultimately get together a medieval siege setup.