Monday, February 19, 2024

A Weekend of Warriors


That was a busy weekend...
"Er, father..."

Father was busy so he could only spare me  half an ear. The Brigadier would be arriving at our little house on the morrow and he was deadly keen to finish a new unit of light infantry for the War Game.

"Have you seen the new catalogue by Mr Suren?"

He shaved off another few flakes of plastic from a Spencer Smith grenadier.

"No... Why?"

"There's really something I think you ought to see."

Father was teasing some epoxy glue to form something like a mirliton. And some fur trim. The tip of his tongue was protruding from the side of his mouth. "Oh? What's that my lad?"

"These. If you look at the pages for Frederick the Great's Army."

Father's eye trailed down the page. "Whatever has Teddy Suren done this time? More blackamoor servants or naked lady sailors?" he quickly dashed some paint onto another set of gray gaiters. "A little lining in with black india ink and these fellows will look spanking," he sighed in satisfaction. 

"Right at the end. Past the Cuirassiers and Dragoons. Look. The Arquebusiers de Grassin..!"

"But.... but... they're not even Prussian!" The eyebrows went up, the pipe dropped from Fathers slack jaw. 

Straight into his tumbler of VAT 69. 

It made a frightful mess.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

The Arquebusiers de Grassin


Straight from the workbench to you.

I just completed a couple of test figures for a long mooted unit of the famous Arquebusiers de Grassin. Famous? Well wargame-famous anyway from Charles Grants' book on the Battle of Fontenoy where they held the Bois de Berry against the 42nd Foot.

I think I have about 16 miniatures in all sorts of paint as I probably bought them 25 years ago.

That's changing now as they are all getting a repaint and rebase to my current standard and will be fleshed out to the full "Charge!" establishment of two 12-figure companies plus various officers, NCOs, musicians, standard-bearers, whores, jugglers and mountebanks.

Flags will be by David: