Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Old School Franco-Prussian War

 I have been doing a little painting these last couple of weeks and decided it was time to do a small update on a project of - er - mature years.

So, quite some time ago I started painting some Willie Franco-Prussian War figures. I wanted a very definite style for the figures and basing and this was what I came up with on my first unit.

I liked that very much so I applied it to my first cavalry unit.

Very much in favour of how that turned out! So, I cracked on and painted four Bavarian Infantry and primed another eight and... then... ran out of steam.

Basing is a work in progress, however, still I'm liking the result.

I'll finish them up tonight.

Consider this a slow Zoom.

The horse-holder needs a rifle and something to connect him to the horse.

Don't talk to him about Blood and Iron.

Coming up, I have a French Line Infantry unit that just needs a few touches and it'll be finished.

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Not the Sudan?


Willie goes to the Sudan
I was trawling the lead foothills last night when what should I find but this gentleman. There are a few late 19th Century Egyptians that are suitable for the so-called 'Urabi Uprising' and the early phase of the Mahdist period in Sudan. They are basically this officer, a couple of variant marching infantry and an artilleryman, the latter of which might be convert-able to a drummer.

Yes, Castaway Arts do a much better range of very nicely sculpted, well-proportioned figures, but surely just a couple of units can't hurt, can they?

And I need an excuse to make a fort and a river steamer. Again.