Friday, October 16, 2020

Old Things Picked Up Again

 Or - the project that would not die.

I've recommenced on an old Landsknechts project this week. The paperboys are having a rest for the next week or so.

I was chatting to a chum about his growing Landsknecht forces when I recalled my own; one thing led to another and we have committed to a battle next year of a particularly school-boy sort where "You bring every thing you've got and I'll bring everything I've got.". And naturally this will be kicking off an arms race, and some good-natured sledging.

So and without any further ado, some pictures of where I am at right now.

First up, the weeks' painting; four preening pike-men.
An enormous movement tray for the pike block that will be eight ranks of eight figures.

And partially populated with the figures I managed to finish basing yesterday.

Yes, I am going large on this project. I am planning 12 and 24 figure cavalry units and at least two units of pike along with sundry artillery, arquebusiers an other riff-raff.

Don't tell my chum this but at least one of the cavalry units will be based plowing through a broken bunch of landsknechts painted to resemble those from one of his own units, so if anyone can tell me what flags he is using...

Thursday, October 08, 2020

The Growing Might of Rome

 Appalled by the spectacle of the vile Gauls who have the impertinence to thumb their lime-stained noses at Rome, More troops have been sent to the border areas under Legate Stocus M. Derivitatus.

Not my best photography, I'll admit, but enough to show that the scissors have been flying and the glue splashing liberally about here.

Next time, the Romans' fears are realised. More Gauls.

UPDATE: Right here!

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

The Last Temptation of Stollen


Now the Gauls will need Romans for opposition. So here is yesterday's work, about an hour and a half in between this and that. 

Legate Stocus Maximus urges a cohort of the IXth on to do his dirty work... somewhere in Gaul.

Monday, October 05, 2020

What a difference two days makes...

 I got busy with the scissors and glue over the weekend and knocked out some more stands of Gallic infantry. This is what 12 stands looks like all in a row:

And with the stands doubled per the rules in the "Roman Invasion" Paperboys book. Warbands are meant to be 6-10 stands strong, so I'll be splitting this and adding a few more to get a couple of nice, hefty warbands to terrorise the Romans with.

I love the density of these formations. As everyone seems to be saying, they look great in large numbers.

And who is this? Why, it's Julius Caesar, of course, doubtless ready to pen his version of "The Gallic Wars".

Saturday, October 03, 2020

Paperboy Gallic Infantry


While the kids watched a movie last night, I was gluing and cutting out some of the excellent Paperboy figures that I bought from Peter Dennis' site for a pound a sheet. What a marvellous thing these really are. 

Fiddly to cut out, once you get into the swing of things, they go fairly rapidly. I processed a bit more than a single sheet last night.  

I have the Romans in Britain book from Helion as well and I am in the process (I think) of scratching a long-held itch.

6-10 stands makes a warband for the Gauls...