The Age of Linear Warfare

Before You Begin

*Equipment: A 1 metre baton marked in four 25cm bands. Six-sided dice for the adjudication of combat; for each unit on the table, a six-sided mini-die and; a token to mark the extra pip Guards units have.
*Foot or Horse units, have a 25-30cm frontage. Infantry are mounted on six 45mm wide bases.
*Every unit gets a number of pips (generally six). When this store of pips has been exhausted, the unit is considered destroyed and is removed from play.

*Line Infantry 25cm
*Light Infantry and Line Cavalry 40cm
*Artillery 25cm”
Any unit may expend a pip to gain a double move to charge. Charges must be declared at the start of the turn.

*Infantry – I die per stand. Range 25cm. Cavalry do not shoot.
*Artillery – 4 25cm bands: Band 1 – 5 dice, Band 2 – 3 dice, Band3 – 2 dice, Band 4 – 1 die.
Procedure: roll dice; a Hit is scored on rolling 4+. Every Hit thus obtained removes one ‘pip’ from the defender’s store. Cover in the form of stone walls or buildings or entrenchments is a -1 on each die roll. Flanking Fire adds a +1 to each die roll.

Melee and Charging
*Charges are declared at the start of the move. Charged units may fire once as the charge "goes in" whether they have already fired in the shooting phase or not.
*Melee is adjudicated with an opposed dice roll. Modifiers: +1 if Guards, defending a linear obstacle, charging unto melee or if the pip difference between the attacker and defender is two or more "pips".
*Loss of the Melee results in a one-move push-back for the loser and the loss of one 'pip'. The victor may elect to follow up with another round of Melee with a +1 advantage on the dice roll. A subsequent second loss will result in the losing unit being destroyed, regardless of remaining 'pips'. Draws result in a mutual push-back of a full move.

*Units down to their last pip may perform no offensive action.A unit with no pips remaining is no longer effective as a fighting unit and will be removed from the table.
*When half the army has been destroyed, the remainder must withdraw.
*A unit may choose to Fall Back In Good Order. It retires a full move during the next Move Phase. Thenceforth, it may recover one pip per turn in which it may perform no other actions.
*Guards units may have an extra “seventh” pip. Light Infantry have four pips only.
*Generals. Have two pips. They are not affected by morale rules. On joining a unit, they will recover a pip for that unit. Any unit attacked whilst with a General attached must flip a coin to see which of them bears any pip loss.

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