Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Bit of Fun

I have to say that I've been finding painting up my Prince August semi-round miniatures a lot of fun.

Just the fact that I can go and cast up another few whenever I want is liberating in a way that I never really thought of before. I'm a lot braver in how I paint them - I always was wary of painting the larger-scale miniature. I thought my painting technique might not be up to it, and I could never bring myself to ruin an expensive miniature. With these I feel as though if I want another all I have to do is melt doewn some tyre weights, sinkers and GW miniatures and I can bang out another few of what I want! It's a good feeling. It's hard on the poor old tyre weights, though.

You may have noticed that I am painting them up in uniforms more-or-less modelled on those of the Saxon Army up until about 1739. I found a German-language book on the army of August the Strong that I bought a few years ago and which covers everything I think I could need to paint up a few regiments and some gunners. I feel the Prince August moulds are better off depicting armies from the earlier part of the 18th Century (especially the HE ones) and so therefore the red-coated Saxons.

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