Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Battlegames Magazine

The first issue comes out on 14 March. With names like Charles S Grant, Don Featherstone, Stuart Asquith, Bill Protz, James Purky and Mike Siggins himself writing for Battlegames quality is bound to be high.

Go to the Battlegames site and get yourself a subscription.

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Anonymous said...

Just got my copy today & I must say I'm blown away - this is what I've been missing for years, wargames articles actually about the nitty gritty of wargames, figures, scenarios, & concepts, not wrapped up in jargon or pomposity, or trying to sell non-periods. Just looking at the magazine next to the two rivals I have been subscribing to, Battlegames jumps out with the clarity of the text & the pleasing pictures, actually relevant to the text & not just eye candy. I am pleased to have been in at the beginning of this venture & thank the Old School Wargamers who had the vision to make it happen.