Wednesday, May 31, 2006

OT - WW2 stuff - bits and bobs

Just recently I was browsing the blog "The General's Tent" and saw there some very nicely painted Revell WW2 British Infantry. This led me to the Plastic Soldier Review Sites' review for an in-depth and then I also stumbled across an article by Richard Marsh on the RF website on creating a 1944 battalion out of this very box!

Well, the local model shops were no use to me but eBay came through with a couple of boxes of these chaps. While I'm waiting on their arrival and eying off some others, I've gone through my old plastic armour collection to find pretty substantial amounts of Anglo-American vehicles; a converted Bedford from Airfix, M3 Half Traks from the same source, a Hasegawa M3 Scout Car, a couple of resin Cromwells, an Airfix DUKW and four Buffaloes in varying states of repair as well as a Churchill. Matchbox have also provided a Humber A/C, a Churchill AVRE - a chopped down bridge-layer, and another that didn't get chopped about.

Naturally I bought an Aifix refuelling set on the way to work this morning for the Bedford. I'll need to take a look at my Airfix guides to see what I can do with the AEC refueller leftovers. I need a few more Bren gun carriers, too. Good old Airfix.

NW Europe 1944/45 here I come?

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