Thursday, August 10, 2006

Painting la Reine.

Apropos of nothing, I just thought I’d share with you how I paint my La Reine figures. This is partially a note to muself based on the first 10 I painted as I was quite pleased with the effect. I apologise for the dull-ish post.

Starting from a white undercoat, I base-coat the figure from the neck down with a pale, neutrally-toned gray.

I then block in all the basic colours – flesh, facings, waistcoat and musket-stock.

Do the black-lining. Paint hats, shoes, hair, scabbards. Undercoat metalwork black.

Here’s the clever bit as I see it. Paint the white highlights on the coat, hair, gaiters, breeches. Paint the belts ochre. This tidies up and fines down the width of the black-lining, making the effect much more like a hair-line, amazing your friends with your skill.

Paint the metal bits and you’re done.

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