Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Doings in the Dutchy

Just quietly painting away at my Volontaires. I'm hoping to get the final few finished off by tomorrow so that I can start doing a troop of dragoons to go with them. My eventual target is to get three eight figure companies of fusiliers , a company of grenadiers and eight dragoons. My intermediate target is 16 fusiliers and four dragoons.

Does anyone else build their units this way? For my line infantry regiments, my next upgrade (as it were) will be to take out the officers and musicians and stand them behind the line of battle and beef up the five constituent companies to ten figures from the current eight. This will probably be my "job on the side" while I'm working on something else.

I'm really looking forward to Battlegames 4 coming out - today's teaser from Jerry L concerning a Beowulf game has me rather intrigued! I'm rooting around for my Gollum fugure to paint up as Grendel. I'm realy enjoying researching the period; currently my interest is taken very much by the idea of building a "Middle-Saxon" army to represent King Offa's army. I've also been reading snippets of Beowulf for flavour. The Saxon invasions of about the middle fifth century also have an appeal that I can't deny. Those GB "Arthurian" figures appeal strongly, especially in the context of the warlord Arturus...

Does this strike a chord with anyone?


Anonymous said...

I'm about 3 or 4 years ahead of you on Arthurian Britain. Been there, done that. Gripping Beast figures for the period are really nice. I like the Foundry Late Roman range very much as well.

I've built up 20 warbands of Saxons or Franks (20 figures each) and 3 Legios and 6 Auxilia plus cavalry for the Romans and Britains.

This all started when I watched the film The Warlord, with Charlton Heston. This got me into the Vikings and Saxons and Normans period, which led to early Saxons and then to Romano Britains and finally to Late Romans. Would have saved a lot of time and money if I hadn't watched that movie.

Bluebear Jeff said...

One of the things that I try to remember to do (and I admit that sometimes I forget) is to keep a file card on just which paints I use on each unit of figures. I do this so that I can later add more figures to the unit (or make repairs).

I do this because I have lots of fairly similar colors and I like each unit to be a slightly different shade from each other one.

-- Jeff