Friday, September 21, 2007

Day 2 of... The Seven Day Challenge!

Well folks, here we are on Day two of the Seven Day Challenge and it's not looking too good for our contestant - Greg?

*Oh, well, you know, at the end of the day, when it's all said and done, there's no I in team and..

Did you get the hats painted?

*Yes, good-looking aren't they, nice and pointy on top...

Did you get the hats painted?

*Er, no, not entirely, I gave them a nice dry-brush of white (that's 36 hats, remember - 36!) then base-coated them orange, did some touch-ups with black and then painted on the brass mitre fronts. I washed them with some nice, thinned Windsor and Newton Sepia ink to define the detail and then i ran out of time.

A little overambitious?

*No - OK, yes, but it also painted a couple of horses. They look nice. I also realised one of the limitations of my Osprey one-and-only reference; no details on Officer and NCO hat lace! I just took a gamble on gold. It looks pretty even if it may be wrong.


Bluebear Jeff said...

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! . . . Only five days left in which to paint . . . only five more days.

Hmmm, are you feeling panicky yet?

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

Yes, the tricorne lace for IR24 for the officers and NCOs is gold although, strangely, the lace trim on the officers' is much narrower than that of the NCOs'. And the NCOs' cuffs for this regiment are plain without any lace edge trim or loops. (Completely unlike the men's cuffs that are laced in the mainly-white regimental lace.)

And for your IR33, the officers' tricornes also have widish gold lace, but in the scalloped style and not straight edged. And the NCOs, who wear fusilier mitres like the men, of course, have a wide gold lace around the edge of their Swedish cuffs but otherwise are dressed exactly as for the men.

I can hardly wait to see some photos.