Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vienna Army History Museum

I was just wandering around the aforementioned Museum today and what should I see, but a number of trophies taken from the late King of Prussia.

Among them I espied a pair of Grenadier caps as well as no less than five fusilier caps.


Imagine my surprise when I measured them with my beady eye and noted that the fronts of both caps were almost exactly the same height!

Food for thought for our figure sculptors, do we not think?


Bluebear Jeff said...


I hope that you took photos of these.

-- Jeff

Bloggerator said...

Photos strictly verboten, but I did buy the guide-book, and that seemed to bear me out.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Yes, photos are forbidden and little old men follow you around the room to make sure that you don't take pictures. Although with digital cameras not needing flash, one could probably sneak in a picture or two.

Did you also see the stand of captured Prussian colors from Maxen?

the mother-lode of captured Prussian swag is at Forschtenstein Castle, southeast of Vienna. It is still owned by the Esterhazy family. The swine wouldn't let our group see the gallery with the captured uniforms when we were there. So I intend to paint a unit of the Nikolas Esterhazy regiment and pound it into submission in every wargame that I play. Revenge is dish best served cold.

Bloggerator said...

Yes I did; marvellous. Once there was more at the Berlin Arsenal also, but it seems that much was destroyed during WW2. Such a pity.

Still, as I said in the post, I bought the museum catalogue and that's a goldmine.