Friday, January 18, 2008

Sculpting Stuff Arrived

I just got a little parcel of sculpting bits and pieces from the good people at eBob.

It's a sort of a sculpting starter pack and consists of two sculpting tools, a 15cm strip of two-part epoxy putty and three "dollies" and 25mm circular plastic bases, similare to those you get from Games Workshop.

The dollies are almost an exact match in size and proportion to an RSM Austrian (German) Fusilier. Thus means that they are impressively dainty and I may need to buy some of those magnifying goggles to work on them.

I am already suitably intimidated - and a bit awed at how skillful our miniatures sculptors actually are.

So, what's the goal?

I want to sculpt up some French infantry suitable for the War of the Austrian Succession. You know the sort - collarless coats with no collars, although collars could be addd easily enough as they began to appear throughout the conflict.

These figures would form the basis for doing Spanish and even Piedmont-Sardinian infantry from the same conflict. Then there are the light infantry of several nations (not forgetting the Montagnards!), Hungarians and Pandurs from the same conflict, to say nothing of the Austrians...

But that's getting ahead of myself.

Better learn how to sculpt first!

I'm thinking my first step might be to gently sever the little heads and trying to get some hats and hair onto them without mucking up too badly.

Let's see how we go.

PS - YES, there will be a seige move enacted this weekend, too.


abdul666 said...

Ambitious, maybe, but full of promises!

Specially appreciated the reference to the 'Chasseurs de Montagne' -easily converted to Spanish 'Mignones', I guess.

This TMP thread may be relevant. "Monsieur de Chevert" is JL VIAL of 'Nec Puribus Impar'fame, and I guess you could contact him via his site?

Compliments and cheers!

MiniWargamer said...

I suggest that you go to:

and pick up his $7 PDF booklet on sculpting. It's very good and he has a number of articles that support sculptors.

Bloggerator said...

Thank-you both for the tips. I'll be acting on boyth of them


Fitz-Badger said...

The Yahoo Group 1-list sculpting group has an excellent FAQ chock-full of useful info on sculpting (the best free guide to mini sculpting ever). The group itself has many talented sculptors, amateurs and professionals alike, and are very helpful to new sculptors. If you have specific issues or sculpts you want pointers and critiques on you can usually find help there.
I've done a bit of sculpting myself, bought some Ebob dollies, have the Prophecy booklet, which I got from Matt Gubser at a sculpting "class" at a gaming con a while back.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm enjoying reading about the sculpting and casting . . . but I really doubt that I'm personally up to it . . . so I'll continue to purchase my figures.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

You probably already know it from e.g. the OSW group, but this blog is specially devoted to making your own minis.

Best wishes,