Monday, June 23, 2008

Billions of Bavarians

I had quite a productive week this time around.

I painted the Grenadier Company of the Austrian German regiment Arberg – eleven figures plus the sample I painted a year ago - and individual samples for the Lacy Freikorps and the Bavarian “Minucci” Regiment. Thirteen figures in a week is a bit of productivity high for me, why, I could paint a whole regiment in a month..!

Dream on! Still it’s a nice fantasy, and I’ll probably keep it going for another week before I get back to the Victorians.

It’s starting to look like I am gathering a Bavarian Army by stealth.

I have the completed Leib Regiment and those Dragoons, the Minucci Regiment is officially commenced and I stumbled across a handful of Austrian Cuirassiers which means that the Taxis Cuirassiers (or some other regiment) are about to rear their ugly heads.

Can’t you see it happening? I’ll be painting some Brigade staff next, then I’ll just HAVE to paint the Locatelli Hussars and another regiment of Cuirassiers to balance them out, then the Infantry will start to look under represented and I’ll slate another two units there. Oh! And what about artillery?

It just goes on and on!


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hello Greg,

Might you post a photo or two of your completed Bavarians? I would be great to admire your brushwork from afar.

Best Regards,


Bloggerator said...

Hello Stokes,

I'm painfully aware that I've not popped any pictures up for the last couple of posts. I'll remedy this when the Duchess is learning the sinister oriental art of Karate this evening.



Bluebear Jeff said...


Sometimes it is acceptable to be feeling "blue" . . . enjoy!

And I'll second Stokes request for photos.

-- Jeff