Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time Out

El Capitano - the casting is a Commander Dante of the Blood Angels. He's on permanent transfer to the Ultramarines, now.
An angry, angry man, the Sarge. I suppose that in the grim darknes of the 41st Milennium, you'd get a bit peeved occasionally.

Trooper Womble. A lucky bulk eBay purchase snagged him and most of his comrades.

Trooper Smith. Note the extreme highlights!

Trooper Jones. Coming to your house to set the cat on fire.

Inspired somewhat by this blog I'd been meaning to paint up some Space Marines for the fun of it.
Being a traditionalist, it had to be Ultramarines.
Because of the level of fiddly detail on them, they are a bit of a chore to paint - especially with having to highlight the edge of each and every bit of armour plate!
I havent even looked at the arms and weapons yet.
Still it's a nice change.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Somewhere in my boxes of 'stuff' I have a fully painted Blood Angel army . . . and a partially painted Eldar army . . . I wonder if I'll ever get back to them?

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Hi Greg,

Great paint job, as usual! Have you considered the use of "rare earth magnets". Despite their name, they can commonly be found in any good "big box" store. Drill out a depression in the shoulders. Superglue one of the magnets in each depression. Mount the two remaining magnets in the arms. The result of all this fiddling is that you can switch arms and weapon systems between the marine bodies.