Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Terrain and Undercoats

Big terrain as it is made on the exhibition circuit as I know it tends to make bulk use of polystyrene as a keleton with any number of different skins and finishes. One similarity they all seem to have is the use of a black undercoat and then sucessivly lighter coats of base colouration put on with a four-inch brush. Has anyone ever done their terrain on a white undercoat and then used progressively thinner and darker washes to get their base effects? I'm going to repaint some earthworks over the next few days as an experiment.

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DC said...


I paint all of my sun-bleached (Mediterranean, adobe, etc.) buildings in a similar fashion - starting with a white undercoat, then a wash of raw sienna oil that is wiped off (the old oil wipe horse painting method), then any render is dry-brushed white again. I'll deepen the contrast in some areas as appropriate with a slightly darker red brown/sienna mix, but otherwise that's it. Simple but very effective.