Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Comardo Dragoons - Pictures

The Dragoons obligingly gallop past for the camera.
 As promised, I got out the Comardo Dragoons and the camera this evening and, as the thunderstorms crackled away above, got busy snapping away.
Conversion of the regular Dragoon trooper - yes, the flag-pole has been thrust through his foot.
 In the Alzheim Cavalry, the senior NCO carries the unit's colours. His distinctive mark is metallic lace on his hat and shabraque.
Close-up of one of the regiment's Officers.
 Ow, on closer examination, I could have been a little more thorough with shaving this chap's flash down!
 The Regiment sweeps forward in line. On the table, this unit has a huge footprint.
The proud parent!


Bluebear Jeff said...

They look good, sir.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

Nicely done. Your horse colors are realistic and the uniforms have a genuine feel for the period.

tidders2 said...

lovely regiment, happy painting

-- Allan

Stryker said...

Yes, looking really neat and presentable. The troops look good too!


Gary said...

Alzheimers strike home! Let the Empire beware.

Paul said...

A very nice looking unit !

I like the shade of red may i ask what brand of you used ?

Bloggerator said...

Hello Paul,

It's Citadel Blood Red over a Mechrite Red base.



Bloggerator said...

PS - interesting pic in your profile.

HE Hussars?


Paul said...

Hi Greg

thanks for that, I think i have those paints

Yes HE hussars, from his own range not the SAE ones

Bloggerator said...

Not available publically are they? They don't appear to be on the Tradition website.


Paul said...

Sadly no longer in production,

However the HE site in scandinavia is now making the 30 mm so there is hope

also the hussars originally came with long thin plumes possibly making them part of the Karoliner range