Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Good Impression

I'm currently building a small force for French for a Franco-Prussian War demo game at CanCon in January of 2013 and was casting around for some flags for the two Infantry Regiments (times three batalions each) which are to be my contribution.

I'd just about decided on these from Warflag:


which are a very nice offering. Then I found myself remembering these from the Vintage Wargaming blog:


I turned to Amy, source of many of my flags, and asked her to re-do the former in the style of the latter.

She's good, my missus is.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Go the hand drawn paper flags, route, man. The one shown is great! For mine they have a certain character you don't get with printed flags (though I'll use them too!).

Here's a couple of refinements I use. Having drawn in the gold fringes, I like to cut into them a little to make them into actual fringes. But the other I like is to mark out the flags mirror-imaged parallelograms, sloping down from the central 'pole' section. Of course you do have to distort the designs and printing to accommodate, but that's easy enough to do. You find the paper flags 'drape' better that way.

This effect can be achieved with the Warflags flags, but I'll have to try it again myself, as I've forgotten what program I used in the past to do this....

Bloggerator said...

Hi Ion,

I have to admit, they are not quite hand drawn - my partner Amy is a graphic designer. She did it up for me in Adobe Illustrator. I'm asking her nicely to do all my flags for this project.

I really like how they've been turning out. Especially the font.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Looking at them more closely closely, I might have guessed. Still like them, but!