Sunday, March 04, 2012

Water Sports

 I've spent a little time this evening making watery terrain for some projected games here at the Duchy of Alzheim. Above is my swamp and below a picture of the full collection of ponds. Both are cur with my jigsaw from 3mm MDF before being painted. the painting was largely wet-on-wet to allow a degree of blending. the swamp/marsh/wetland was basically black with some stippling of green while the ponds pretty much speal for themselves.

Erin gets in on the act: "What you doin' daddy?"

I feel as though they sit pretty well on my table insofar as they are relatively heavy for their size and dead flat. I've chamfered the edges with a sanding block to blend them "down" to the table surface. At worst I think this only looks as artificial as the riverbank that is like a little speed-bump at the edge of a water-feature and a good deal easier to blend away with a few strategically-placed model trees to soften the transition.

It might be nice to make a great big lake.

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Fitz-Badger said...

They look good to me. Similar to the flat painted rivers and roads I've done.