Sunday, July 22, 2012

Painting Challenge

As has been said elsewhere, there is nothing quite like a little challenge (no pressure) among friends to get the motor running. Here is the part where I confess all. Here is the part where I show the depth of my straying.
Mirliton Italian infantry. Almost two companies' worth for Rapid Fire.

I had committed. Committed. Yes, committed. Committed to painting two regiments of Spencer Smith foot and another two of horse.
47mm ATG and crew - yet to be based, Fiat Revelli MMG and a command group. Ought that be "Gruppo"? O dio mio.

Enjoy the pictures...
Ready To Roll Italian Fiat Trucks
Oh the shame.
Italeri quick build Semovente and slow-build(!) M13/40
The shame of it all.
From the left - Airfix PzKw IV F1, Armourfast PzKw III J and an elderly Matchbox PzKw II

Hanging my head here, people.
Airfix Opels - the one on the left will be a 20mm FLAK38 carrier. Sort of a 1942 Technical. They are in Africa after all...
Quite embarrassed.
Eureka Mycenean Charioteers
Nothing more to say really, is there.
Spearmen - first file of the phalanx!
The rest of the gang. All by Eureka.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Your Spencer Smiths do not look quite the same as I recall, Greg.

It must be that my mind is muddled (I'm on some pain meds right now) . . . I have trouble focusing.

Spencer Smiths? I could have sworn that they wore tricorns but I must be mistaken.

In any event, your painting of these "Spencer Smiths" is quite nice, sir. They should by all rights perform well on the table top.

-- Jeff

Old School ACW said...

Ahem. No, not a tricorne to be seen old man.

Trust you're holding up well, Jeff.


tidders2 said...

nice work on the italians/german tanks plus the myceneans.

I have a similar problem my 18c 40mm project units appear to be coming out as 54mm romans and gauls (by Toutatis !).



Ross Mac said...

Hhmm some of those tanks look fairly weathered, are you sure they are new?

I like the Eytie infantry.

Where did you say the nice Mycenians fit in?

Bloggerator said...

Sand-blasted rather than weathered? Just a new technique I was trying and get a little carried away on!

Italians were painted with a thin wash of acrylic colour on a white undercoat followed by a sepia ink-wash to pop up the detail.

As for the Myceneans... well, um.. ah...

Archduke Piccolo said...

I am quite impressed by the weathered and worn look of the armour and vehicles. Comes out very well, I thought. I liked the canvas look of the tilts on the truck, too. Are they cast that way, or did you adapt them from something?

Bloggerator said...

Hi Ion,

Just how they were cast with a fair amount of drybrushing.

Nice models - they are from the "Ready to Roll" range.