Saturday, November 03, 2012

Painting Challenges in the Soodan

Another fine mess you got me into Maleesh!
 What better way of keeping oneself motivated to paint, and paint and paint other than to engage with a few far-flung chums in a painting competition.

I decided to kick off with a bang and go for the top with the Willie Chinese Gordon. Clearly drawn from the famous painting and a quick and easy job. I made sure his hair was white as the stress of events has clearly taken it's toll of him.
Grass roof detail scribed with a fork into gap filler.
 Next out were some lavatory paper roll and cereal packet cone native huts. I drew my inspiration for these from the Hovels offering. The patterning is purely made up, but does add a little interest. It's my intention to write an inscription into the little ochre cartouche on the left-hand hut.
Onward! Peter Gilder made me!
Next, an experiment with basing. A 40mm disc from Renedra with a Perry Standard Bearer and a Conoisseur Emir. A bit of a tight fit, so back to the drawing board there.
Not Charlton Heston.
 WIP - another Gordon because I had to.
Jihadiyya Rifles.
 Another experiment with the Renedra bases which I think works for the riflemen. 40mm for the pairs and 20mm for the singletons.
Ack! Here they come Maleesh!

Yet another experiment with basing. I am thinking of using the bigger bases to hold 7-8 figures (representing 10) with a mounted leader and bannerman on every third - a unit would be three bases with a scattering of singles for the look of it. This layout above is 25 figures plus one mounted representing 30. Looks good to my eye, but now I need to make it work against singly mounted opponents for Fire and Melee purposes in a convention setting! 

Current painting challenge total - 38 figures and three buildings.


Ross Mac said...

You sir are a painting machine!

I suppose you have considered and dismissed some form of magnetic attachment to the group bases? I once had movement trays for my 25mm Mahdists that had a fringe of long grass to hide behind with the figures on those small round copper discs you used to be able to get here for a penny.

Bloggerator said...

Next 20 are in progress as I write!

I ad not - nor had I considered the use of double-sided tape which springs to mind as an alternative. I have also been turning over drilling 10 small holes in the rear of the base and shuffling a peg along to account the casualties as they occour.