Saturday, June 08, 2013

Setting a First Milestone

As you may have realised, I like to set myself milestones in assembling a collection.

Ross has kindly put forth the germ of a scenario and considering that I know little enough about the period and what may or may not be plausible I have decided to go with it.

Why not?

So then:

Company of 8 Arquebusiers
Company of 8 Sword and Bucklermen
24 Pike
Troop of 8 Mounted Arquebusiers

Company of 8 Arquebusiers
24 Pike
Troop of 8 Gens d'Armes
1 Cannon and 6 crew

This talk of Spanish troops leads me to thinking about my "Great Siege" collection such as it is. The figures that went into it would feed this project quite nicely and vice versa. Plenty of whores and powder monkeys there for Stokes, too. Monks, bishops, all the usual lovely clutter.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...


Best Regards,


Bloggerator said...

Ah, bless you. So, what might a 2K article be? I think i'm at that sort of count on this series of posts already!


Ross Mac said...

I'd almost forgotten the Malta affair. 1 lancer and a bevy of priests and whores? Was that it?

Lancers would do as well as Mtd Arqubusiers for the scenario btw, I just wanted some one to paint some of those lovely Spanish and Light cavalry was more common in petite guerre situations. Forgot to mention that terrain might well resemble Blasthof Bridge and that the Spanish can appear on either or both banks.


Bloggerator said...

I think I got do far as half a dozen lancers and a few sword and buckler men before that one ebbed away.

Blasthof Bridge, eh? And why not.