Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Army of the King of Kings

The Great King has many of these, for yea, truly, they are without number. Or provenance. Can anyone shed any light as to who might have produced these? I initially thought Tradition 25mm, but no, the catalogue is mute on these.

I bought them off eBay about a year ago thinking, that with a little work they could be made quite acceptable. Now I'm thinking they are pretty acceptable in their own right and have moved right on up the re-basing schedule.

On the topic of the Tradition catalogue, there are some nice-looking hoplites there. Hmmm?

UPDATE - I've created a new blog to carry the burden of all these portentious ancient writings:



Stryker said...

What lovely figures - could they be Hinchliffe?

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Nope 1980's vintage Minifigs. The horses buts are unmistakable but the riders are as well. Possibly GPC13? I would have said PBC something but not the Saka who have pointy hats.

Bloggerator said...

I'm surprised - they are so delicate. Then, I don't have a lot of experience wih the Minifigs. I'll take a look at the catalogue. The hats are quite surely persian tiaras.

Many thanks,


Bloggerator said...

Oh, looking at them, I am itching to paint some patterns on those clothes. Resist!

johnpreece said...

The horses are definitely Minifig as Ross says. The lack of saddle cloth makes them S range.

The riders therefore should have the saddle cloth moulded on. So either this figure rode bare back or someone has mixed the later revised ancients C1976 with earlier horses.

Well, you did ask!

John in anorak mode.

Bloggerator said...


I'd never handled an S range horse before. Interesting. None of the riders have saddle-cloths.

The horses are very nice - they really do put me in mind of the Tradition 25mm ones I have in my ACW collection.

MAny thanks,


tradgardmastare said...

Lovely figures,a good buy indeed!

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Tk tsk tsk S Range indeed! With those broad beam rears?

I have a few of these on my shelf as we speak. Grantd that most of the later ones came with large saddle clothes but not all. The ones with harness look the same as came various medievals such as my Alex Nevski fellows. The cantle was attached to the figure and the saddle blanket was minimal.