Friday, November 22, 2013

Hurrah for the Gunners!

Fairly 'armless.
Awaiting their arms are a couple of Stadden infantry converted-with-paint to serve as gunners. I'm going to make a go of slicing some rifle arms about to see what can be done about their final look.

Thanks to everyone for their comments on the "Year Without Lead" post.

Having made the decision, I feel surprisingly good about it all. I've even had a friend join me in his own Lead Fast. Who knows - perhaps this could become the new "Movember"!

I'm planning to start on New Years' Eve and carry through the whole of 2014. To answer Jeff, yes I have a few last minute purchases planned.

Ross, I agree on your point about being more tightly focussed. A few small games would not hurt either.

PS - doing something about my eBay account might not hurt, either.


Ross Mac said...

These look good. A nice dark blue!

Looking at the marching infantry, it shouldn't be too hard to remove the rifles with a razor saw but the hand & arm position might need some thought unless you substitute something or can find a convenient control at just the right height for them to reach for.

On the other hand, the gunners were issued rifles (carbine version I think but close enough) and it would not look out of context for a Little Wars look for gunners to carry them.

btw, Over the years I have had various little groups of figures, non-based vignettes if you will that were bought for gaming but just sat on a shelf on display, looking pretty, for years (decades in one instance) before finally seeing action or being retired.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Focus Grasshopper. You must focus. There might even be a possible article in this for MW? Good looking figures by the way. Even without their left arms.

Best Regards,


Conrad Kinch said...

Fine looking fellows. A credit to the service.

Phil said...

Nicely done!