Thursday, April 17, 2014

Campaigning Season in the Holy Land

I don't know if I'm being a bore with this one, however:

I was a bit bored this week, so I took it in my head to plot the dates of a selection of Crusader battles in palestine in the 11th-12th Century.

I wanted to know if the dates would yield something like a "campaign season", just for laughs.

So, after putting in all the dates, I went fora simple chart showing frequency of battle event by month. Interesting. Then, just to show off, I dropped the frequency information into a bar graph and the results pretty well speak for themselves.

The campaign season for Palestine in the period of "The Kingdom of Jerusalem" is pretty much May to September. There is an interesting spike in January, but that sample is probably too small to draw any conclusions.


Ross Mac said...

Not very original were they?

I wonder if it rains in Feb and April?

Bloggerator said...

Pinched from the 'net:

January is the coldest month, with temperatures from 5 C to 10 C, and August is the hottest month at 18 C to 38 C. About 70 percent of the average rainfall in the country falls between November and March; June through August are often rainless. Rainfall is unevenly distributed, decreasing sharply as one moves southward. In the extreme south, rainfall averages less than 100 millimeters annually; in the north, average annual rainfall is 1,128 millimeters. Rainfall varies from season to season and from year to year, particularly in the Negev Desert. Precipitation is often concentrated in violent storms, causing erosion and flooding. During January and February, it may take the form of snow at the higher elevations of the central highlands, including Jerusalem. The areas of the country most cultivated are those that receive more than 300 millimeters of rainfall annually; about one-third of the country is cultivable.

Steve Gill said...

I always worry when I see graphs, spreadsheets and that kind of thing, in case they brew up into some sort of monstrous PowerPoint presentation.

Hopefully this is just a one-off.


Bloggerator said...

Back on my medication, now.