Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pook Manor

Whilst waiting for more miniatures to arrive, and tiring a little of painting horses after 22 of the foolish creatures, I've decided to build some terrain.

I'd alweays wanted to have a go at the ECW fortified manor Ian Weekly showcased in Mililtary Modeling way back in December 1984 and so, 30 years later it's about time I had a go at a rather telescoped version.
 Just the foamcore shell has been cut out and blu-tacked in place to check the proportions are about OK. I think they are.
The building is about 12" wide at it's greatest measurement whilst the shorter wing is 7".


johnpreece said...

If you haven't done so I would recommend google images for Stokesay Castle, Ludlow. + the website of same name.

Bloggerator said...

My word.

What a place. Maybe just a little beyond my skill to reproduce, though...