Friday, March 13, 2015

Back to Ones Roots

I've been footling about the past couple of weeks doing anything but paint miniatures. The paintung funk is on me and I just can't bring myself to do anything much with toy soldiers.  Plastic kits are another thing and i've had a bit of fun painting an Airfix Spitfre and a couple of Emhar Whippets.

In this midst of these frolics, I noticed that I've been running this blog for about nine and a half years. The anniversary falls in August. Co-incidentally, poking around in the various plastic tubs that house my many collections of toy soldiery, I see that over that time I have actually painted quite a few large-ish units of RSM Seven Years' War figures which i have been re-basing to my newish 36-figure standard.

I appear to have enough infantry at least to do Sittangbad over twice. So, perhaps I ought to play the game.

I am tinkering with rules and am waiting on some bases from Renedra, so once those two elements are in, I think we might go forth.

While I wait, I may as well try returning to my roots and thin the RSM lead pile a bit. These are Prussians. I'm thinking of a red-faced unit with straw-coloured smallclothes.

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