Sunday, September 06, 2015

A Diversion

Due to some home renovations severely impacting my available hobby space (!) I've consequently downsized my hobby efforts. This state of affairs ought to last until about Christmas.

So, then, i needed something o occupy my hands and mind but which needed to be quite self-contained. I have had a small collection of 54mm knights from the first "Knights of Agincourt" Britains range that have been nicely recast by Dorset Soldiers. These are pretty suitable for painting one at a time out of my small painting tray.

So, of I went and here's the first fruit. Sir John Chandos.

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Ross Mac said...

Not sure you want to call Sir Chandis "a fruit" to his face but nicely done! I long wanted a set of these, esp the mounted standard bearer, then, just as I gave up 54mm gaming along comes Dorset and released them! Should treat myself to a few anyway.