Sunday, February 09, 2020

The HMS Hood

I am currently (when not cranking out miniature Pathans and others) working away with the fellows from the Airfix Tribute forum on a group build.

The topic is Airfix WW2 Royal Navy Warships and I am building HMS Hood. I am using the base kit from Airfix as well as a kind of sticky-backed timber deck overlay and a sheet of impossibly small and fine brass etch to detail this elderly classic.

This has been a very enjoyable effort and one that I intend to repeat.

Herewith a few pix:

The whole thing dry-fitted together

The screens and railings on the Admiral's Bridge

The Flying-off platform on 'B' Turret
 The Hood in 1931. The Hood could carry a Fairey III seaplane on a steam catapult aft and a Fairey Flycatcher on a platform over the 'B' Turret. Ideally, you'd crank the old girl up to 34 knots, turn into the wind and..... launch!
A bit of internal bracing
 It's possible I may have bought a few Destroyers and a Cruiser as well.

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I can remember building the Airfix Hood... way too many years ago to remember rightly when, though!