Monday, December 21, 2020

Discoveries in the Lead Mountain


We had gotten to the part of the afternoon where the cigars and VAT 69 Whiskey had come out. 

The Brigadier and I were rummaging through the lead pile here in a remote department of the Duchy when - "Aha!" quoth he. "I remember these little fellows!"

He triumphantly waved aloft a small packet. We peeled off the browned and unadhesive tape, and carefully brushed aside the decayed remnants of some foam peanuts to reveal the undercoated figures.

Fortunately I was familiar with the Stadden back catalogue and I knew them for the Frenchmen they were. 

"Ha! These will paint up a treat, dear boy!" He pressed them into my hands. "Santoigne Regiment, American Revolution. There's a jolly good picture in young Mollo's Blandflord."

"What ho!" he cried. "Have those done by Christmas and I'll have a shiny sixpence for you my boy!". With a hearty slap to my shoulder he poured himself a port for the road and vaulted into his MG. As the gravel spurted from under his tires, I reflected that I had not - yet - completed the first Company of the Erbprinz Regiment.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Ah, but what a painting conundrum to face!

Best Regards,


Bloggerator said...

And what a party, my dear boy!



Ross Mac said...

A a fine job you've done on them. Must have been just the right amount of whiskey.

Stryker said...

Nice work!

Milgeek said...

I always like the look of white uniforms but I can never stop thinking just how impractical they were on the dirty battlefield! :D A bit early in the day but HAPPY NEW YEAR!