Saturday, November 11, 2006

Feathery Hats

Odd title for a post?

I suppose it is. I was looking at some of my 7YW miniatures the other day and was struck by how well the feathery hat edges I'd added to a couple of mounted officers looked.

I'm the sort who likes sometimes to repeat what he regards as a success, so I started thinking that I'd like to do a few more and began casting around for a couple of units where I could have a shot.

I started thinking of the Cuirassiers du Roi in the 1740s and thought, "good, I'll do them - got a good collection of miniatures to represent a troop or two already". Then I remembered some chit chat on OSW or 7YW about Prussian IR15, the King of Prussia's own regiment. The Officers and NCOs wore feather edging in their hats.

Aha! thinks I, let's take a quick trip to Osprey-land.

One trip later and I'm a little confused. Don Fosten's magnificent plates show effectively two uniformsThe first battalion (of three) had a lapel-less coat - as some Prussian regiments did. Battalions two and three who saw a fair old bit of action had a coat with red lapels and white buttonhole edging.

Here is the question(s):

Battalions two and three can be readily modelled using RSM miniatures which come with the lapels and cuffs appropriate to battalions two and three, but did their officers and NCOs have the feathery hat edging, or was that confined to the gala-uniformed lads of the first battalion?

If they didn't, do I care and will I give them their feathery hats anyway because they look so good? Heresy!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Remember, sir, no one has any photographs to disprove anything you choose to do.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

Only IR15-I officers/NCOs had feathers. Ioannis

Anonymous said...

The 1st battalion were the parade ground unit and only fought at Kolin during the SYW. They had the gaudy uniforms while the second and third battalions had simpler uniforms. Actually, I think that there are some pictures of the uniform of the 1st battalion from some museum in Germany. I used RSM figures for my version of 15/I and just painted the hat lace with silver, no feathers added.

alte fritz