Tuesday, November 14, 2006

West Melbourne Regiment

I'm taking a little time off the Seven Years War to paint up something a little different.

I have a small cache of Britains recasts from Soldier Pac and got around to cleaning up one of these already pretty clean castings. They are very light on detail, so most of what you see (buttons, piping &c) are all painted on. I'm fairly pleased with the result, but think I'd have benefitted from a brush with a better point! He represents a private from the West Melbourne Regiment c1882-85. I will do a few more in the next couple of days to go with my gun crew.

At the same time I am painting a dozen Mahdist cavalry in an attempt to cut into my lead mountain. I bought these in January at CanCon and I think they look very promising so far.

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Poruchik said...

Very Nice Greg! I am a big fan of Toy Soldier style toy soldiers. If you check my second blog 'Travels with a Rogue' you'll see my current collection, mostly 42mm Irregular Minis. These are the castings I want to play Victorian SciFi with eventually.