Tuesday, February 17, 2009

British Grenadier(s)

Grenadiers of the 46th Foot, obviously doing a little firing drill as they get ready to meet the French at la Belle Famille.
I'm getting the hang of painting the British (sheesh, it only took 20 or so figures!) and have evolved a style that is quite pleasing while retaining enough of the heavy lace detailling that I think can be a bit off-putting when approaching them for the first time.

I've tried fairly hard to differentiate them from the 44th Foot by giving them nice, smart, white gaiters and left them with laced, red waistcoats. Note that they also sport lace "wings" on their coats. These were surprisingly easy to do and look pretty effective.


Bluebear Jeff said...

They look really good, Greg.

-- Jeff

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

They certainly look sharp!

Best Regards,


Bloggerator said...

Thanks Men!

I'll admit to thrusting them under my partners' (somewhat disintersted) nose and inviting her praises! I was pretty pleased with them myself.

I'll start a few more tonight then get on with converting and painting some more Light Infantry.


Greg Horne