Sunday, May 10, 2009

In the Woods

Gonna tek you under me wing boy. You looks to be greener than me sleeve. You'll need to keep yer eyes open to mek yer way here, boy, yessir you will.
Be lucky, you'll mebbe see Frenchies - they knows what they is doing in these woods, boy.

You'll be imaginatin' red men every-where before long. Mark me words, boy.

But sometimes, well, a whole durn war-party can sneak on by ye before you spots 'em. He-he-he! Thet happens an' your pretty scalp'll be decoratin' some long-haouse bye'n'bye.

Lissen to whut Cap'n Roberts tells ye. Watch him an' learn, boy. See how he gits on daoun thet Injun trail. Eh? eh?

Yer Cap'n de Lancey, he might be a-tellin' Roberts that his men would never stoop to skulking in the woods like savages or a Frencher. He'll be doin' it hisself before long.

But you lobsters are mekkin' a hash of things, boy. Ye're all spread out like which ez good, but ye've no order to ye.

Try et agin, like uz, laddie.

Et's not easy, goin' a-rangin', but mebbe th' bloodybacks'll mek good.


Fitz-Badger said...

Good stuff! I like these minis. Nice painting. I like the trees, too. :-)

Bloggerator said...

Thanks Fitz, I realised it was time to get on with a bit of tree-making! They are jyst super-glued into some foamcore I textured with some house-hold gap-filler.

As for the minis, well, I think I've settled on them for good or ill and will probably use no others.

All the best,


ColCampbell50 said...

Wonderful narrative. Made me almost think I was listening to Natty Bumpo!