Monday, October 18, 2010

Classic Wargamer's Journal

The latest issue (#1) of the CWJ is out now.

Take a look at Phil Olley's Classic Wargaming blog for details and take out a subscription while you're at it!


Pjotr said...


Remember me? You exchanged some miniatures with me for a Military Modelling special on siege warfare.
Until I read your article in CWJ, I didn't realise the OS ACW blog I discovered was yours. I'm sorry to say I sort of lost track of you and the duchy of Alzheim blog, but I'm very happy to see you're back, with a vengeance.
I've started blogging myself, thanks to you, amongst others. I'm going to become a follower -in a few moments- and I'm putting up a link to your Duchy of Alzheim blog.
Good to have rediscovered you.

Pjotr (from Belgium)

Bloggerator said...

Dear Pjotr,

Glad to hear from you. Yes, I do remember you and have been happy to read your writings in CWJ,