Monday, October 25, 2010

The things you find....

Uh-oh. Serious trouble.

I was messing about in the car-port this evening after work (as you do) when I found what I thought was a box of Castaway Arts Indian Army figures. Now, it contained just that, but imagine also my surprise to find:

4 early Ansar;
15 Hadendowah and;
10 late Jiadiyyah riflemen.

Is this synchronicity?

Just one small order and I can add two more TSatF units to my Mahadist collection...

This is how new projects start for me. I already have the bones of a Mahdist army - about 7 TSatF units. Oh, and I also just found about 5-6 Conoisseur Fuzzies, to boot.

This means trouble.

And a new blog label.



Bluebear Jeff said...


Whooee, sometimes things just work out beautifully, don't they?

Now all you need to find are some Pathans and Bengal Lancers (and read some Rudyard Kipling).

-- Jeff

Bloggerator said...


Now we need to be a bit more focussed than that.

I'm sure I just wrote an article for Classic Wargamer's journal to tahe effect!

Although I DO have a dozen Stadden Bengal Lancers in a box here someplace.



Fitz-Badger said...

cool :)

And be sure to watch "Lives of a Bengal Lancer"... ;)