Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Heckenfeur #2

The Sudan

*Note that this article is a placeholder until I organise my thoughts some more!*

I am as ever amazed at the resources that generous people make freely available on the web.

Here below is much of the excellent magazine "Savage and Soldier" free online:


Here Steve Winter (The Colonial Angle) presents his "Fire and the Sword in the Sudan, a campaign based on the Mahadist rising. The rules are an adaptation of those presented in "the Courier" 'many moons ago' for playing Pondiac's rebellion. The material he presents on his website include a thrilling acount of his re-fight of a siege of Berber. Wonderful stuff.


I'm not too sure how far people might be interested in the creative process, but I thought it might be worthwhile uploading a few cartoons of some Nile steamers that everyone ought to have in their collection if they are to embark upon campaigns on those blood red desert sands.

As I have outlined in my Defense of Melbourne Blog, my ship-building methods are pretty simple.

I make a blank for the hull out of expanded polystyrene with a lamination of balsa. The balsa when scribed and stained becomes the main deck whilst the poly is the hull, usually cut to the profile of the deck with my hot wire cutter. A sanding block takes care of any complex curves at the bow or stern. The bularks are of thin card, whilst the deck-houses are of daler board - available in art supply shops.

I continue to read and paint and imagineer.


Bluebear Jeff said...


I presume that you know of it . . . but I don't see the Major General's site listed on your Links:


Also Steve-the-Wargamer has a Sudan blog you might want to look at:


-- Jeff

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Rats... my PA got here before I did...!! :o))

The resource list on my project blog mentioned above may give you further food for imaginary-thought....

A J said...

There's always room for a paddle steamer-gunboat or two. I'm in the early stages of planning one.