Friday, August 19, 2011

IR#2 Leibregiment

I just finished blasting the Leibregiment with it's second coat of varnish and thought it was time to put a picture up here at the Duchy.

As you can see, the regiment's uniform is not dissimilar to that of the Bavarian Leibregiment of the Seven Years' War. No mistake there, although it varies in many details, not least the coat colour.

As you will also doubtless notice, the Regiment falls far short of the Grant organisation, being here only 29 figures. I will be rectifying this in due course with metal figures from Spencer Smith unless any more appropriate plastics fall (doubtless to shatter into a million pieces) into my lap.

Normally, I'd have trundled straight on to IR#1, but I've decided to use it's castings, of which there were really only a few, to bring the grenadier companies of Infantry Regiments #3 and #4 to their proper strength of twelve figures.

When they are painted, I'll do a little floor show of all three regiment's companies as a combined Grenadier battalion.


justMike said...

I really like the paint job on these guys. Are you here in the USA? My friend and enemy the grand Duck (sic) of Ardoberg-Holstein used to have a number of plastic Spencer-Smiths. I'll let him know that someone's interested. - Mike

Bloggerator said...

Hi Mike - I'm in Australia, however if the Duc of Ardoberg-Holstein wished to sell his men into the service of Alzheim, I'm sure an arrangement could be made! - Regards, Greg

Gary said...

Greetings Cousin,
I do indeed have some Spencer Smith cavalry. I like them but they are not a good fit in terms of figure size for the rest of my army. It would be great to see them serving with an army of Spencer Smith figures. Email me your mailing address and I will donate them to the Duchy of Alzheim. My email address is

Bloggerator said...

Dear Gary,

Alzheim gratefully accepts the services of the Comardo Dragoons.

email on the way.



justMike said...