Saturday, April 27, 2013

Strelets 1/72 Plastics - not that bad are they?

My go-to place, my number one bible for plastic figures is of course the Plastic Soldier Review website. And why not? they have uniquely broad coverage, thoughtful reviews and their opinions are at the very least well-backed up by solid sources.

I do part ways with them a little on aesthetics, though. Seems to me that they have a very fixed view of what's acceptable in terms of figure scales and sculpting standards. Revell, Esci, Zvezda are at the one end and LW, Odemars and Strelets are at the other. And then there's their opinion on Valiant Miniatures!

I think this is a bit unfair on poor old Strelets at least. To me they look more like some brands of metal miniature and I think they have a degree of charm, and even a certain elan, especially when set against say Raventhorpe.

I am looking at them in the context of doing some Eastern Front gaming in the future and have to say that their ranges of "Winter War" Russians and Finns are pretty attractive. I think it would be possible to do worse than their ranges of "Stalingrad" Hungarians, Romanians and Italians too. This is especially so for me in the light of their having a German set coming soon as well.


Conrad Kinch said...

I must say I rather like Strelets despite the somewhat well fed appearance.

johnpreece said...

I think you have it, in that they are similar to metal miniatures in design.

It may be refreshing that the plastic collectors are just as bigoted as the metal in rejecting anything outside their narrow aesthetics.

On the down side the individual sets do vary wildly with the later sets often worse than the early but there are some little gems within the ranges.

Bloggerator said...

Thanks for the validation Gents, I appreciate that it's just not me reading the reviews and saying "What the..?".

See you in the Arms for a pint - on me.


Fire at Will said...

Strelets has a style that looks on the surface quite crude, but they paint up well. Personally I like them a lot.

Bloggerator said...

Hi Will,

I just found this:

...and I know what you mean.


Ross Mac said...

OK My tastes are showing. I bought a box of WWI Russians and they are just plain butt ugly. They look like short 28mm figures! 'nuff said!

I wouldn't mind so much if the gorgeous Zvesda figures weren't waaaaay too big to mix with the Hat & Strelitz not to mention a bit of a pain to glue together and no cavalkry or artillery. Project stalled.

But, lots like 'em and they don;t look so bad when there are no nice figures close by, so go for it.


Bloggerator said...

I think the Zvezda models are the acme of historicity and anatomical accuracy - for that they can't be bettered.

I just think the Strelets stuff has something - I'm going to call it elan - that others don't.

BTW, you can get Soviet Artillery for your Zvezdas out of the "Art of Tactic" range - that's where I'm getting my Infantry guns and 122mm howitzers. If I'm guessing right and you're doing a WW2 project..!