Saturday, September 07, 2013

Test Shots

Stadden 30mm British Infantry 1890
 A valiant Toy Soldier marches by. I wonder how this might look with some of the Houston 4.7" on Land Carriage that TVAG are selling. Hm.
Yes, I lost the left arm
And now that I see him, the piping on the tunic needs a tidy up, I forgot the piping on his collar and - ah - shouldn't the cuffs on his tunic be of the "jam pot" variety? Still, I do like the way the jacket, trousers and equipment came up. Checking my Osprey, it looks as though his personal equipment was very accurately done, too.


Milgeek said...

Lovely painting job. Be interesting to see if you do add the transport.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Darn you! He looks nice that I see a butterfly or two (or three?) headed this way. No! Must stay focused.

Best Regards,


Ross Mac said...

Nice so far. Does he come with an arm? ok ok but just curious is the helmet and trousers that light in life or is that a photography thing?

Jam pot?

As an aside, a few years back I was looking at some of the re-enactors who perform at the Halifax citadel in tourist season and I had to get within about 10 feet before I could see the white lace against the buff facings. Very narrow, not very bright white. I keep meaning to tone my own down but can't bring myself to do it. What's the point if you can't see it?

Reviresco makes a tripod that would fit in. (as in Martian tripod)

Bloggerator said...


Just a little side-project. Maybe a hundred figures, tops. Honest. No. Really.


I have it somewhere. I hope to find it! They are a little darker in real life, but not too much.

Just a plain round cuff.And I know about the piping, but i can't resist it. And it pops out against the red so nicely.

I was thinking that an old PC mouse with the button end "forward" spray-painted a nice bright silver could make quite an excellent Martian body.