Thursday, September 19, 2013

Welcoming Committee 2

Not the 300.
Perhaps waiting for some Persians? Who can say. Rose Prestige Greeks from Garrison Miniatures. Shield decals are from VVV and the wire spears are from North Star. The rest is all me. And I think I need to invest in some microset and microsol. And some gloss varnish.

The Shape of Things to Come
I got a couple of nice packages in the mail yesterday. One from TVAG with my 4.7" guns in it, and another all the way from Sweden. Now apart from the Emperor Napoleon I and a small selection of the Grenadiers of His Imperial Guard, there were also a few nice British bandsmen.

I am holding myself from doing anything more than cleaning and priming them at the moment as there are another 8 Greeks in the queue ahead of them, but the weekend is starting to beckon.


Ross Mac said...

I like the band! But the greeks look good too. I predict another parcel tomorrow if not today.

Conrad Kinch said...

Now all you need is eight hundred fightin' Englishmen and the colonel!

Bloggerator said...

Steady on there Kinch! And yes I do..!

Ross, your prediction was correct indeed. I am very taken indeed by the Phrygians.