Wednesday, April 07, 2021

A few items for the Sikh Wars

I've been doing a little painting these past few days and thought I could share a little of that with you, dear readers. These few subjects are additions to my small Sikh Wars forces in the shape of general Sir Hugh Gough

The Bombay Horse Artillery. Surely one of the more outrageously colourful units ever.
Sikh infantry of various regiments. All 'Willie" figures by Edward Suren, of course. Add to these the 25 or so British infantry already painted and certain things I am planning on adding - Sikh Artillery, some British lancers, irregulars of various kinds and you can see where this will go. I am not planning on building for any particular battle, but rather aiming on building a representative collection that I can play with using "The Sword and the Flame". Perhaps four units of infantry a side, a couple of units of cavalry and a battery each. The British side of this collection then may expand to work in with a "Crimean" collection. I wonder if Napoleonic Highlanders would work in with these?


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

All beautiful figures, but those Bombay Horse Artillery? Stunning seems like an understatement. How do you find the casting quality in their unpainted stage where flash and prep are concerned before basecoating and painting can begin?

Best Regards,


Greg said...

Hello Stokes,

They are not the worst of the range, but there are always mould lines to clean up. There were also a couple of sword scabbards that did not fully cast. Minor issues compared to some I have seen. Sadly the Stadden marching Prussian Grenadier is rather badly affected by mould tears.