Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How Large an Army?

I am currently painting my seventh unit of RSM Prussians and in the process have just about painted myself to the bottom of my Prussian Infantry silo. Don't get too excited. There are plenty of other silos.
That being said, I laid out the first six of these 36-figure units last weekend and thought, phew, chappie, these do take up a goodly bit of the table-top, watteau?
Now, I've a French army that with a bit of stretching could easily come up to - shall we say - 10 units if infantry and 6-8 units of cavalry of thirty-six and a dozen figures respectively. I can't imagine that you could really get many more figures on a table without it collapsing under the strain and the combined weight of figures acheiving some kind of critical mass and forming a singularity. If I were to hive off some of the grenadier stands I could probably come up with a few more units as well. Likewise the Prussians. They could easily be made up to nine units of infantry if we combined the grenadier companies from the existing units and settled on 30 figure units of foot. I've three units of Horse in varius states of repair and enough bits and bobs to flesh them out.
It may be that I am at the point now of having workable armies for most occasions. The end may be in sight.
Now what do I do?


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

What do you do now? Why, pour yourself a stiff drink, and put your painting feet up for a bit, old man. Sounds like you've got, or will very shortly, have enough for any Charles Grant-sized battle what with bathtubbing of numbers and all. Um, after that? Artillery limbers and transport with teams maybe?

By the way, I just now had one o those scammer phone calls from some guy with and Indian (?) accent claiming to be calling from "Windows on the internet." I read about this a few days ago on the Prometheus in Aspic blog I think. Don't bite when they find your number!

Best Regards,


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Play a game?

Jiminho said...

And then a second drink and a second game, and keep that up a while before refilling the silo!

Bloggerator said...

I had that chap call me a few months back. I told him what I do for a living. He hung up.

Ha. Got you to bite!:)


Looks promising.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Reviewing my own position over the last 12 months or so, I concluded that my limited table space was more inclined to determine unit size, and what they represented, than army size. I'll probably never get all my 1600-1700 ACW figures on the one table, let alone my 100-odd WW2 AFVs...

That is why I'm tending to units representing brigades and Divisions, rather than battalions or companies.

Stryker said...

How about a campaign? That way you can rotate units onto the field and we get the joy of seeing them on your blog!

Conrad Kinch said...

Is any army ever big enough?

Bloggerator said...


Chris Gregg said...

What to do next? - if you love the period then get more variety of units so, even if your games don't get bigger you can enjoy different units from time to time, or surprise your opponents with something special.