Sunday, April 12, 2015

Painting, painting, painting

As you do.

 First off, I scraped up every last RSM Prussian I could find to put together most of IR#1. Six figures (as you may recall) need to be sourced. Althouh it may not be too clear from this picture, I've decided to use the AWI marching British Officer as the standard bearer as the RSM "Cadets" just don't do it for me. The Colonel is just about ready for paint, so expect to see him soonish.
 I also scrounged up this heavy HE piece and four-horse limber. I like this gun and it will make a fine 12-pounder for my Prussians. The Limber is quite nice and the horses look fine from what I can see on the Spencer Smith website. I'll be remaining strong however!
I'm currently about 40 percent through another Prussian unit. They are shaping up to become either Garrison Regiment #2 or the du Verger Freikorps battalion. Both have quite similar uniforms and are being painted up from the RSM Russian casting which, while not perfect, is all there is available from the range to really represent these canaille.

After they are finished and providing I still have the strength to go on, I'll turn my energies to another unit of Prussian Fusiliers, possibly either FR#40 or FR#52, although the former will require a small conversion-with-paint with regard to the lapels of the figure.

I've bough some of "Body's Banners" from the Redoubt web-store to flag and even re-flag my Prussian infantry. I'm dying to see how they look in the flesh.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Delightful work, old bean! I concur on the RSM cadets which is why I ordered a small bunch of Minden Austrian and Prussian fahnentraeger last winter to replace the current RSMs and MiniFigs. WIth our pending packing and move, it will, however, be a little while before I can actually get to that particular task. Eager to see what comes of your painting table next.

Best Regards,

Von Tschtschke

Der Alte Fritz said...

Greg: how many standard bearers do you need? I will donate some Minden Prussian standard bearers to the Alzheim army for free.

I agree; never liked the RSM ensigns as they were too small. I used to convert the advancing musketeer pose into a standard bearer by cutting out his musket and clipping off the tuft of grass beneath one of his feet. Then I would bend the leg and foot down to give the appearance of standing up straighter.


Old School ACW said...

Thanks v.T.,

Just about polished off Garrison Regiment #2 "Alt-Sydlow". Then I might faff about a bit for a week - just finish up a few other bits before I launch a Fusilier regiment. Then I will have cleared my entire RSM Prussian lead pile!

Woo-hoo. Ahem.

GL v. Kaffee

Old School ACW said...


I'm considering your kind offer actively, but I also have on order some RSM AWI British walking officers which, although they wear shoulder belts, do rather look the part when painted up.

Can we put it on the back burner for now. I may have a couple of minden Prussians here that I could paint up just to see how they work before I put you to any trouble.

Regards(and thanks),