Monday, October 02, 2023

A GW/Citadel ramble (including Rats)


Lots of Rats    
Well, hello there.

A bit of a painting miscellany posting today.

I finished my unit of clanrats over the weekend. They had been sitting there for a couple of weeks waiting for the PVA glue-and-sand treatment. I was watching the Clone Wars animated V series and thought, what better time than now.

Not quite a horde

I had been going through the lead pile recently in search of some of my old Bretonnians when I stumbled across these fellows. I have a large stash of OG plastic undead and thought that there two would make nice hero/champion figures.

Speaking of which...
I got a bit excited about the Bretonnians again recently and so went on a rampage through the lead pile to see what I had. Oo-er. Rather a lot really. So, that's a slow-burn project. Refurb them for WHFB 6th ed.
The Fair Folk

I also painted up a few of the early 2000s Elves from LotR. You know the ones, they got about 5 mins at the start of the first movie, so GW made a ton of miniatures. And I am glad for it, too. I'm very fond of these sculpts and enjoyed trying something different with them. Lots of glazes were used in the painting of these. I have yet to settle on a banner design. Something sinuous, no doubt.

I just had to, didn't I?

Just to whet various whistles, here is every painted skeleton I own...

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David said...

Love the elves and the Brettonians. :-)